1st Prize, Category 2

Aims and Objectives

The EDUCATE Prize is an International Student Award that was launched in July 2011 at the PLEA Passive Low Energy Architecture Conference in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) and terminated on 9th December 2011. The Prize aimed to celebrate the implementation of sustainability in the education of disciplines of the built environment and reward exempla of best practice in pedagogical methods and programme development.

Academic members of staff (e.g., Professors, Associate Professors, Lecturers, Researchers, Full-time or Part-time Studio Tutors, Contracted Staff, etc.) from Faculties, Schools and Departments of Architecture (or related discipline) worldwide were eligible to register their module, course or design studio unit to the EDUCATE Prize and submit on behalf of their students a maximum of one entry under each of the three Categories of the Prize. For further details, please see the EDUCATE Prize Briefing Document

Results and Awards

122 Academics have registered to the EDUCATE Prize in representation of 64 Universities worldwide (48 from Europe, 6 from North America, 5 from Asia, 2 from South America, 2 from Australia and 1 from Africa). By the deadline for submission, nearly a hundred entries were received from 42 different Universities (34 Universities from Europe, 2 from the United States, 2 from Chile, 1 from Canada, 1 from Bangladesh, 1 from Singapore, and 1 from Malaysia).

Following the assessment process, the following prizes were awarded:

Category I: Student Design Project (Year of study 1-3, Undergraduate Degrees)

1st Prize (ex-aequo): Hanging Hive; Student: Farhad Malek; Tutored by: Clare Wrigley; Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom
1st Prize (ex-aequo): The Concrete Orchard & Copra Production Facility; Student: Jacob Szikora; Tutored by: Gabriel Tang; Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
Honorary Mention: RAWlab; Student: Francis Hunt; Tutored by: Maria Kessler; Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom
Honorary Mention: SOsMALIA; Students: Iván Hernández Acosta, Mónica Sánchez Rivero, Raquel Jara Sánchez Zarzuela, Aníbal Jiménez Fernández; Tutored by: Lino Alvarez-Reguillo; University of Seville, Spain
Honorary Mention:The Mother; Student: James Eyres; Tutored by: Elena Marco and Paul Kirby; University of the West of England, United Kingdom

Category II: Student Design Project (Year of study 4-6, Graduate and Postgraduate Degrees)

1st Prize: The Ark: Continuous Productive Urban Landscape Market; Student: Stavros Zachariades; Tutored by: Alex Wright; University of Bath, United Kingdom
2nd Prize: PLA:/LIVE Project; Student: Andrew Edwards; Tutored by: Maria Kessler; Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom
3rd Prize: Sustain Up-Building India; Students: Alejandro Pacheco Diéguez, Dacil Lorente Snowdon, Diego Peña Jurado, Virginia Ruiz Campos, Nieves Sánchez Alfonso, Rafael Ramírez Álvarez de Lara, Niccoló Navarro Di Meo, Pedro Trujillo Fernandez, Manuel Gómez Pérez, Manuel Valenzuela Salamanca; Tutored by: Antonio Garcia Martinez; University of Seville, Spain

Category III: Open Student Work (all Years of study)

1st Prize (ex-aequo): Landscape Interpretations / Ecological Explorations; Students: Jacob Rathbone, Melody Blundy, Rosie O’Neill, Matthew Beaumont, Jessica Wallis; Tutored by: Nicole Porter; University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
1st Prize (ex-aequo): Low Cost Alternative Sustainable Systems; Students: David Toyans, Liliana Alvarez, Julie Coleman, Gamaliel Aguilar, Hayedeh Daneshman, Ioanna Magiati, Hannah Lee, Allyn Pollancic, Benny Yeh, Bhavna Handa, Tadeh Hakopian, Robert Higa, Adrian Magrina, Chris Kourafas, Chris Young, Caleb Wong, Dimitrios Tolios, Brandon Ro, Amanda Goldberg, Kate Redman, Marcus Richeson, Amy Marino, Erica Christie; Tutored by: Pablo La Roche; California State Polytechnic University Pomona, United States of America
1st Prize (ex-aequo): The Passive Cooling System from Tradition to Innovation: Wind Towers; Student: Golnaz Ighany; Tutored by: Maria Luisa Germana’; University of Palermo, Italy
1st Prize (ex-aequo): MovieSTAR (Sustainable Thinking in Architecture); Students: David Edward, Elliott Denham, Neeraj Chandi; Tutored by: Sergio Altomonte and Peter Rutherford; University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

For pictures of the Award Ceremony, held in Rome (Italy) on the 23rd February 2012, see here.

Assessment Criteria

The EDUCATE Prize has been awarded to proposals that creatively investigate and reflect on the various dimensions of sustainability, including social, economic and environmental domains.

Assessment criteria have been based on the technical and theoretical contents featured in the EDUCATE Knowledge Base. The pedagogical methodologies, teaching & learning processes and methods of support of design development have also been considered. Capacity of critical reflection and awareness of sustainable mandates demonstrated by the author(s) has been equally valued by the Jury.

To watch a demo video of the EDUCATE Knowledge Base, please see here


Following the assessment process, the following prizes were awarded:

International Architects will contribute to the assessment of the EDUCATE Prize, including:


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